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Southern California can be a tough market to get into. Its absolutely huge and there's lots of money to be made, but you have to work hard to compete with some of the dealers that have been around here for years. We've had to carve out a name for ourselves in the area since we started and our internet business is a big way to get our name out there. The online department started out small but its been increasing at a rock steady pace, year after year. You see some big fancy car dealership websites sometimes but their customers get frustrated when they can't really find what they're looking for. We're only too happy to help'em out. A lot of the clients we get like to do their research online before heading onto any lots so SEO friendly web design only makes sense for us. We made the decision to invest in a smart car dealer web design about a year ago and we've been reaping the benefits ever since. The SEO design of the system we use on our website ranks us right up there with the big boys and when we get that one client who wants to find a 1995 Acura NSX with no more than 40,000 miles on the speedometer. It's that kind of service that clients remember. The word of mouth recommendations and repeat business this generates for us is unbelievable.

Zack A.

Since using Power Car Dealer, the number of organic visits to our website has improved and our rankings have gone up. This unique car dealer software has been especially designed to meet the needs of our business and it has effectively contributed to the increase in the number of leads on search engines. Power Car Dealer is an SEO Friendly CMS that has helped us expand our business and become a truly competitive car lease broker.

Chris. N

The use of a custom built CMS has ensured fast site crawl and long term search engine results. As our main goal is to provide the best services to our customers, the unique Amsoil web design coupled with the SEO design techniques has not only improved organic traffic, but it also boosted our website visibility making it more accessible and easy to use. Working with the best Amsoil dealer website guarantees a top position in the lubrication business.

Alan. W

It has been a pleasure working with the team from SEO Friendly Design, and that for multiple reasons: their team has focused on our needs from the get go; with our best interest in mind, they guided us during all the stages of the project, and we were consulted on every aspect - from the individual creation of the code, to the intricate design. There have never been time issues, and every time technical support was needed, a professional stood on the other end of the line with the answers. If you want an optimized site with programming beyond reproach, SEO Friendly Design is the way to go!

Jack. S

Having SEO Friendly Design on board with us on some projects proved to be an inspired choice. The experts there are reliable, excellently trained professionals. When it came to delivering the best outcomes for our work in progress, the results were tangible due to their flexibility and the awesome communication flow. We literally felt as if we've been working with them forever. They anticipated our needs and brought amazing ideas to improve not only our web site, but our business as a whole, and for that we are thankful!

Dro. A