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WordPress Customization

Because you asked for it, we are bringing it in, and improving it: SEO Friendly Design welcomes the WordPress Designer. The business environment that we find ourselves into doesn’t permit any clichés. Templates are so 2000… With WordPress development, you tell us what you envision for your blog and we put it in code! No more redundant designs, no more useless additions: essence at its best translated in breathtaking designs, backed up by hi definition programming.

Our Approach

Professional WordPress Design is something that our team specializes in. We take the time to analyze your needs, we put them into ideas which then we transform in magic coding and mesmerizing design that will empower you and your business! No two designs are the same, and the one that you will get will be the best that you can get. We back this up with research and active two-way communication. By the time we start working on the blog page, we will already know what you stand for and who your targeted audience is. These tools help us deliver amazing results. Proceed to a quote or just test our knowledge by asking us difficult questions. We do not fear them, but put them to work…for you!

Our WordPress Design Services

  • WordPress Template Customizations
  • WordPress Installation & Setup
  • WordPress Upgrades
  • WordPress Plugin Installations
  • Logo Design
  • WordPress SEO Consulting



How long does it usually take to re-design a blog?
Usually, it takes us no more than three weeks, since two weeks are required for the design part, and one for the programming.
If I provide the designs, will you consider handling only the coding part?
Sure, but before taking the job, we will have to see the design first.

Our Work