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Choosing the Right Shopping Cart Software

Having an SEO Friendly Web Store is crucial for an Online Business. Trying to permeate a highly competitive industry could be a real hassle. Before making your decision in regards to the online shopping cart platform, here are some of the features you cannot do without from the SEO point of view:

- Full access to Titles/Meta/URL Re-Write and content;
- Dynamic generation of sitemaps (products and categories) in order to provide an easier way to crawl the website;
- SEO Friendly structure.


Our Approach

he solutions that we are currently offering include two platforms: Magento and Volusion. To come to your help, we guarantee full design customization and installment.

When it comes to huge, highly flexible web stores, the Magento expert is the way to go. The versatility of this platform gives the Magento an unendless potential for new features and functions. Its user friendly interface allows you to combine a simple way of managing products, with the creation of titles that search engines love, resulting in a Magento developer that is SEO friendly.

We highly recommend this e-commerce platform due to the search engine optimization features and its expansion potential. As a Magento web design company, we will provide you with a high def customization and an attractive design interface. You will basically have your own Magento designer integrated into your business, so that your online store will WOW the clients and put the competition to shame!

Volusion is the perfect solution for online stores that have a smaller number of products. This shopping cart charges a monthly fee, depending on the number of products listed. The prices start as low as 25$/month and include hosting and 24/7 Support. A great way to launch your business!

To see our recent projects, please consult our online portfolio or proceed with a quote request, if you've already made up your mind!

Our E-Commerce Services

  • Payment Integration
  • Custom Landing Pages Design
  • Advertising Banner Design
  • Basic Backend Training
  • Magento SEO Consulting



What kind of shopping cart software are you working with?
Currently we’re working with Magento, Volusion and Yahoo Stores. This offers us a variety of solutions so that your needs can be met as well as possible.
Which Shopping Cart Software do you recommend?
Magento would be our answer, without any hesitation! However, if you are new to e-commerce, you might want to consider Volusion for the beginning.

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