Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development

Why Choose Custom?

In a continuously evolving market, individuality is very important. We want to encourage you to keep that, and take it to another level with the help of custom website development. Our team is ready to integrate new features to your website, so that your business will be properly represented on line. Custom tailored solutions will be created to fit your exact specifications. Losing clients over the impossibility of communicating all you have to offer is not an option in today's competitive market. Let us integrate your ideas into a website developed with your exact needs in mind!


Our Approach

Why choose between custom web design and SEO friendly CMS, when you can have the best of both worlds? SEO Friendly Design specializes in delivering custom solutions that are optimized for the best search engine results. You don't have to adapt your offers anymore to what your website can do! We'll customize it for you so that your possibilities will become endless, provided your creativity allows it. Experts will brush up your website with the latest SEO technologies, so it will crawl in rankings.

With only White Hat SEO techniques, you will land in top positions, while having a professional and appealing design. Custom web development will enable you to capitalize on the latest trends in both design and web programming. Increase your sales, reserve a place in the top ranked names on the market and achieve your business goals faster through this simple feature offered by SEO Friendly Design. Our team has the technical insight and the practical experience to provide the best solution, so why look anywhere else?

You are very close to your dream web site! Contact us to see how we can improve your on line representation and ask us about a content management system that will fit your business profile!

Our Custom Development Services

  • Original art work design
  • CMS powered websites
  • Custom features development
  • Third-party software integration
  • Magento E-Commerce integration
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • User friendly admin panel
  • Basic backend training



We need a Custom CMS that will be able to provide us quick and easy access to any pages of our website. Do you guys offer that?
As a matter of fact, we do offer a User Friendly CMS (build in house) that will provide that, and that has many SEO features included, as well.
We want to re-design our web site. However we don't want to lose our rankings.
We provide a quality “transition” that will keep your original content and URL structure, so your rankings won't suffer. For more info check our case studies page.

Our Work