Responsive Design

Why Magento Responsive Design for Your E-Commerce Site?

If you are involved in the e-commerce web development industry, then you know that responsive design in general and Magento responsive design in particular, is what savvy web developers are striving to get ahead of. A Magento responsive theme is what allows your website to take full advantage of all web visitors, whether they be accessing your site on a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Our Approach to Magento Responsive Theme Building

Responsive design is a way of building your website so that it displays equally well across platforms. When we take on your Magento responsive design, we start with the premise that your customers should not have difficulty navigating or accessing your website regardless of the medium they are using to view it. We build your Magento responsive theme to emphasize ease of use and to maximize profitability. With the world increasingly using smartphones and tablets as their means of commerce, having a Magento responsive design is no longer just a preference, it is a necessity for those who wish to keep ahead of their competition.

Our Magento Services

  • Payment Integration
  • Custom Landing Pages Design
  • Advertising Banner Design
  • Basic Backend Training
  • Magento SEO Consulting



Can you convert my current e-commerce website into a Magento responsive site?
Yes. We can take your website and either recode it, or create an identical Magento responsive theme that will replace your current site.
Does Magento responsive design really make that much of a difference when it comes to sales?
Yes. Studies show that responsive design increases ROI. This is because customers who are frustrated by slow website times or difficult navigation will simply take their dollars elsewhere or wait to do their searches later when on another device (decreasing the chances of their money heading to difficult to navigate sites).

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