Magento Integration

Magento Design Integration

Already have a top of the line design? SEO Friendly Design will help you with the Magento integration so that you can have the best of both worlds: impeccable design and irreproachable functionality. Who said you can't have both? Our Magento designers are able to accomplish what others can’t. That is because of the high expertise that they have in the field and their ability to anticipate their clients’ needs after an overview of the business. Our team has extensive experience with integrating designs offered by 3rd parties. We ensure not only the development of your design into a functional site, but we also make sure that you are employing the full power of Magento.

Our Approach

We will get you started by preparing the workspace and assessing the project in a unique, individual way. Then we will make sure we choose the best Magento themes for your business. The flexibility of this e-commerce platform in this area is endless. It has the ability to load multiple themes at the same time and swap among them according to the season or promotion your business finds itself in. All this variety in the Magento design at your finger tips: no complicated coding, no additional charges…only a few mouse-clicks and you are done!

SEO Friendly Design offers not only design integration for your business’ e-store, but also the creation of landing pages. Magento gives you all the possibility to do that. Creating SEO friendly static pages will be made available to you through the CMS function. And that’s not all: you will be able to filter products on attribute values, because of the landing page feature available in Magento.

Any theme can be personalized by a Magento designer with a custom-made banner that will represent what your business stands for. We’ve all heard that a picture speaks more than a thousand words... let us do the talking for you with an exquisite banner design service.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us and accept our invitation to browse through our portfolio.
Results speak for themselves!

Our Magento Services

  • Payment Integration
  • Custom Landing Pages Design
  • Advertising Banner Design
  • Basic Backend Training
  • Magento SEO Consulting



We already have a website. Can you integrate the Magento store in it?
Yes, the store can be installed as a sub-directory under this form: There is also the possibility to have it on as a sub-domain, i.e.
How close can you get to our original design/theme, when integrating?
Magento is a very flexible shopping cart. In most of the cases, the theme/design does not suffer any major design adaptations, if any.

Our Work