Magento Development

Need Custom Features?

Want to work with the best e-commerce platform out there? Then Magento is the obvious choice. This feature-rich Open Source solution offers you all the flexibility and control that you need. The administration interface is intuitive, the entire platform is SEO optimized and the client-end posts no problems, even to novices. But if you have all these working for you, your shop still needs to stand out with impeccable design, alongside with built-in functionality.

Our Approach

Our Magento experts will customize any e-shop so that it fits the needs of the client, without compromising on style and high-end aesthetics. When it comes to Magento programming, our team considers every project individually, and a Magento programmer establishes which custom strategy works best for your business. Need extra-functions? Would you like to be able to customize existing ones? That is why we are here! SEO Friendly Design will assign a team of Magento developers to find solutions and implement them so that you and your clients can get the best features available on the market. We stay ahead of the technology curve, so you won't have to worry about it! Just tell us what functionality your business could benefit from beyond the feature set already available in Magento, and our team of experts will fully cater to your specific business requirements.

In order to ensure a smooth implementation, let us assist you with the integration of Magento in your business environment. We will look into all the variables and manage to predict and avoid any situations, rather than troubleshoot them later. At any given situation, you can benefit from professional consulting, no matter what phase your project is in! SEO Friendly Design has a vast experience working with this amazing platform, and can assist you with all that is involved in this process.

Our Magento Services

  • Payment Integration
  • Custom Landing Pages Design
  • Advertising Banner Design
  • Basic Backend Training
  • Magento SEO Consulting



I need some custom features developed. Do you guys usually provide this sort of service?
Yes, we do.
I already bought a Magento extension, am I getting charged for installation?
Normally, if the extension is compatible with the version of the Magento Store, there will be NO charge for the installation of the extension.

Our Work