Magento Customization

Design Customization

Do you want your business to benefit from all the functions of the Number 1 shopping cart - Magento, but you are not ready to compromise on the design part? Well, with Magento design, you don't have to do that. Our team will offer you a Magento custom design and will make sure that all the complex aspects of your business are covered.

Our Approach

With Magento customization, your possibilities are endless. Update the look of your business as many times as you want without losing any of the features you are using. Increase promotional potential by uploading multiple themes and switching them in accordance to the season or promotion your business is in. You can even customize your product presentation in a per-product or per-category basis. There are no limits to what you can do! Your imagination is the only thing keeping you down.

Your Magento expert will help you with the integration of the themes to your store and will make sure that you get the landing pages that will increase your business potential. Why is that important? You are offered flexibility like no other and it is combined with an SEO friendly design. Also, this helps your clients by classifying products on attribute values, and therefore minimizing the effort and time that they invest in their search. You offer them what they want easier and faster, placing your business in an obvious advantage compared to the competition.

Explore with us all the ways you can customize Magento! All of our projects are set apart through originality and mad design skills. SEO Friendly Design will provide you with breath-taking banner designs, using the latest flash and xml driven techniques. All our designs are documented first by interactive discussions with our clients about their business approach and targeted clients. After that, we apply our research results in a highly-flexible design process.

Our Magento Services

  • Payment Integration
  • Custom Landing Pages Design
  • Advertising Banner Design
  • Basic Backend Training
  • Magento SEO Consulting



How flexible Magento really is from the Design point of view?
Very Flexible. Pretty much, any idea that the designer has, we can accommodate.
I have the design layouts ready. Can you guys handle only the coding part?
Sure, we can do that.

Our Work