Converting to Magento


Magento E-commerce

How long does it usually take to design a new Magento store?
The designing process can take up to six weeks and it is usually because of the programming that is involved. It also depends on the complexity of the project, but normally it would be divided into two weeks for design, and four weeks for programming.
Can the new store be installed on my current hosting account?
Usually, yes. However there are compatibility issues, and a support for Magento Software needs to exist.

Magento Development

I need some custom features developed. Do you guys usually provide this sort of service?
Yes, we do. Check out our Magento development page for more details.
I already bought a Magento extension, am I getting charged for installation?
Normally, if the extension is compatible with the version of the Magento Store, there will be NO charge for the installation of the extension.

Magento Customization

How flexible Magento really is from the Design point of view?
Very Flexible. Pretty much, any idea that the designer has, we can accommodate. Your imagination is the limit.
I have the design layouts ready. Can you guys handle only the coding part?
Sure, we can do that.

Magento Integration

We already have a website. Can you integrate the Magento store in it?
Yes, the store can be installed as a sub-directory under this form: There is also the possibility to have it on as a sub-domain, i.e.
How close can you get to our original design/theme, when integrating?
Magento is a very flexible shopping cart. In most of the cases, the theme/design does not suffer any major design adaptations, if any.

Converting to Magento

We already have a Yahoo Store, and would like to move to Magento. How long does this operation usually take?
If you prefer to keep the original design, than it shouldn't take us more than three to four weeks.
Can you guys import our current Inventory/client list to Magento?
Yes, it's possible. Since every store is different, we have an hourly rate for data base import, and it depends on the complexity of your current information and the number of products/clients.


Are all of your projects SEO Friendly?
Yes, we're big supporters of White Hat SEO. We're using only the "techniques" approved by major Search Engines, through this ensuring organic traffic to your page.
Is there any guarantee that my website will rank better in Google once I upgrade to SEO Friendly?
No, we don't guarantee ANY SEO rankings. For that, we recommend talking to one of our trusted SEO companies listed in the resource page.

Custom Web Development

We need a Custom CMS that will be able to provide us quick and easy access to any pages of our website. Do you guys offer that?
As a matter of fact, we do offer a User Friendly CMS (build in house) that will provide that, and that has many SEO features included, as well.
We want to re-design our web site. However we don't want to lose our rankings.
We provide a quality “transition” that will keep your original content and URL structure, so your rankings won't suffer. For more info check our case studies page.

E-commerce Web Design

What kind of shopping cart software are you working with?
Currently we're working with Magento, Volusion and Yahoo Stores. This offers us a variety of solutions so that your needs can be met as well as possible.
Which Shopping Cart Software do you recommend?
Magento would be our answer, without any hesitation! However, if you are new to e-commerce, you might want to consider Volusion for the beginning, and then upgrade to Magento.

Magento Development

How long does it usually take to re-design a blog?
Usually, it takes us no more than three weeks, since two weeks are required for the design part, and one for the programming.
If I provide the designs, will you consider handling only the coding part?
Sure, but before taking the job, we will have to see the design first.


Are all the concepts behind the logos original?
Yes, once the logo is approved and delivered, it won't be used anywhere else.
Can you guys design business cards, letter heads and other office printing materials?
Not only can we do that, but we do it really well.


What are the payment conditions?
30% deposit on signing the contract, another 30% once the designs are approved and 40% of the payment on project delivery.
How do you prefer to get paid?
We accept PayPal or Direct Wire transfers. Please note that we're not responsible for any bank transfer fees.