Best Web Store Platform: Magento or Volusion?

Shopping can be confusing, especially with so many offers on the market, and when searching for the best web store platforms, the smallest detail can make all the difference in the world. The solutions that we highly recommend are Magento and Volusion. Why couldn’t we make our minds up for one? Well, it’s because just like people, websites have personal needs that need to be catered to in particular.

Magento is at this time one of the most customizable web platforms out there. No matter how complex your needs are: you name it, Magento can implement it. Everything from Marketing Promotions and Tools, to Order Management is covered within the grounds of it. You need store restricted coupons? You got them! You want control over customer groups, time periods and products categories, they’re within your reach!

When it comes to complexity, Magento will have you covered even to the smallest details. You can maneuver your reports from the Admin dashboard, you can have an overview of abandoned shopping carts and get reports on anything from best customers, to number of orders. All these at only clicks away!

The advantages don’t stop here though: the platform is optimized to the hottest SEO trends giving you access to Google site maps, URL Rewrites and Meta-tags for products and categories. You can even control more than one website using only one Administration Panel and you get to choose what information to intertwine.

As mentioned before, it’s little that Magento can’t do for your site, and what has been mentioned until now is only a glimpse of the universe of opportunities that it brings to your online business, so if you have a multi-structure web site that includes a multitude of products and services, Magento is clearly the platform for you. Even better news: it’s free, and your only expense would be the maintenance fee.

Now what about Volusion? If you are just getting started, or if you have a limited array of products, most of the things mentioned above might sound good, but prove to be inefficient because you will not actually ever use them. So what then? Our recommendation for you: go Volusion.

It’s a non-complicated solution for small to medium web stores that starts from 20$ a month, this covering implementation and a basic home template. However, the design modifications will prove to be a hassle, so an intentional decision is suggested.

The choice is yours! Establish the category of store you fall into and then order the platform that best fits your needs and desires!

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